Lane County Clerk’s Building


Placed next to the Lane County Historical Museum, the original clerk’s building receives some protection from vandalism.

What is it? The Lane County Clerk’s Building, constructed in 1853, is the oldest documented building in Lane County.

Why is it important? The Lane County Clerk’s Building served as a public gathering place for both meetings and early trials in Eugene. In fact, it is one of the oldest public buildings still standing in the state of Oregon.


The Lane County Clerk’s Building has been moved several times.

What are the challenges to caring for and preserving the item? The building is located outside and has had to contend with the elements and a variety of uses over its last 162+ years. In addition, it has also been moved three times and been used as a law office and a residence. That’s tough on a building. Locating craftsmen well versed in historic restoration, finding correct materials for replacement of deteriorated sections, and finding funds for preservation or restoration work is difficult.


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