Equipment Lending Program

Temperature, humidity, and light can all be a threat to heritage collections if they are not monitored and regulated. Tools like dataloggers and light meters can help those managing heritage collections get an idea of the conditions where collections are stored or exhibited. Data collected can help you prioritize decisions with collections and that data can also support grant applications for improving the environment of the collection area. To learn more about how temperature, humidity, and light can affect collections, visit here.

MC lending equipment 2

You can now borrow the following equipment for FREE:

  • dataloggers (for monitoring humidity and temperature)
  • light meters
  • Past Perfect Software training sets (including the version 5.0 user guide and three training CD’s) 


Check out the list of MentorCorps Partner organizations below and directly contact the Partner in your region to get information on borrowing equipment.

MentorCorps Partners

If there isn’t a MentorCorps Partner in your region, or you have questions about the program, contact Katie Henry at Oregon Heritage at or (503) 986-0671.

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