Knowing that you are prepared for when an emergency or disaster strikes gives you piece of mind, as well as a leg up when that emergency or disaster happens.

You can already be prepared and in the saddle when an emergency happens.

You can be prepared and in the saddle when an emergency happens.

The best thing you can do is to make a response plan for the most common disasters and be ready to implement it. We’re listing here publications with simple steps you can take in preparing and responding, as well as some more technical ones.

At the end, you will find sample disaster preparedness and response plans.


Emergency Management for Natural, Cultural and Historic Resources: An Oregon Resources Dashboard.” Prepared by the Oregon Office of Emergency Management.

Oregon Guide to Emergency Preparedness Resources.” Prepared by the Balboa Arts Conservation Center, 2011.


Disaster Planning and Response.” Oregon Heritage Bulletin 27.

Pocket Response Plan.” Every organization, no matter its size, ought to have one. It is easy to complete. This one has been Oregonized.

Disaster Recovery Tools.” Oregon Heritage Bulletin 32.

Cemetery Vandalism: Tips to Avoid It and Respond to It“. Oregon Heritage Bulletin 14.

Resilient Masonry Buildings: Saving Lives, Livelihoods, and the Livability of Oregon’s Historic Downtowns.” Prepared by Restore Oregon,


Post-flood salvage of archival material. Having a plan in place will leave your back and your organization less stressed.


Pocket Response Plan.” This is such a great idea, we’re repeating it.

WESTPAS, the Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service, has an emergency toll-free number: 1-888-905-7737. Call for phone consultation with a disaster response specialist. There is no charge for this service, which is provided to libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions in Oregon.

Sample Disaster Preparedness and Response Plans

Architectural Heritage Center, Portland. This was funded in part by a grant from the Oregon Heritage Commission.

Lane County Historical Museum, Eugene.

Phoenix Historical Society, Phoenix. This was created with the online disaster-planning tool DPlan.

Pocket Response Plan. Just in case you missed this before, we’re repeating it for a third time.

Please let us know of other examples or information that you think should be listed on this page.

Remember, members of the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps can help you get started on your emergency plan.


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