Caring about collections and organizations requires more information than what one average person knows. This page helps you find that information. We’ve found some locations with  information provided by professionals.Image result for oregon map

And, since we’re from Oregon, we’re listing the informational sites in Oregon and the Pacific Northwest first. The only exception to our Oregon-first rule is the Connecting to Collections Care website that has hundreds of annotated resources presented by professionals.(That website was created using a grant from the Institute for Museum and Library Services, just as this site was.)

Just remember as you look at these resources that the tips may not work in all circumstances or be the best for your specific issue.

Collections Care






Collection Plans and Policies

Oregon State Statutes

  • Oregon State Statutes that pertain to museums and their operations can be found here.





  • Pocket Response Plan.” This is such a great idea, we’re repeating it.
  • WESTPAS, the Western States and Territories Preservation Assistance Service, has an emergency toll-free number: 1-888-905-7737. Call for phone consultation with a disaster response specialist. There is no charge for this service, which is provided to libraries, archives, museums, historical societies, and other cultural institutions in Oregon.

Sample Disaster Preparedness and Response Plans

Organization Capacity


Board Roles & Responsibilities



If there are other topics you want to know about, please let us know at If we don’t know that information, we may know where that information can be found.

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