Taking care of cultural collections is a challenge because it means forever.

Paper, photographs, metal, wood, porcelain and every other collectible challenges you in caring and preserving it. Sometimes, the challenges are huge because they involve multiple strategies for a single item.

This website and the Oregon Heritage MentorCorps were created to help Oregon organizations care for collections, highlight their treasures and prepare for disasters.

The MentorCorps is a group of volunteers around the state who are available to mentor archives, museums, libraries and other collecting organizations. They can identify solutions, find resources, and train volunteers and staff.

IMLS_Logo_2cThis website gives information about collections care, emergency planning and response, and some of the cultural treasures of Oregon, including how they are cared for. We’ve emphasized information by Oregonians for Oregonians. We’d welcome your suggestions, too.

The start of MentorCorps was made possible by a grant from the federal Institute of Museum and Library Services to the Oregon Heritage Commission, a division of the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department, which submitted the application on behalf of seven statewide and regional organizations. The grant has since ended and MentorCorps continues to be funded by the Oregon Heritage Commission and Oregon Parks and Recreation Department. To learn more about how Oregon Heritage provides technical support and services to people and organizations documenting, preserving, interpreting and sharing Oregon’s heritage, visit its website.

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